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Michael Sweerts - Self Portrait - 1655
Available with many other fine pictures at:
Jim's Fine Art Collection.
  (-)oeffmeir Publishing Company
       Hoeffmeir Publishing is a personal internet venture in which artistic expression is pursued without the normally necessary  hindrance of economic pursuit.  The purpose of this electronic publishing endeavor is to place before the public authors and works we feel are of artistic value, though they have been overlooked or forgotten by the mass market and thus can offer little hope of returning the more substantial investment of real capital needed to publish them by other means.
        While some works here represented have attempted and failed at such endeavors and some have not, all are copyrighted works and are represented with the authors' and/or their estates' permission and their artistic integrity foremost in our consideration.  The obligation of consideration is passed on to the reader.  Copyrights are, in no sense, relinquished.  Permission has been obtained to represent and reproduce these works in the forms herein found.  While excerpts, copies and quotes need only be properly credited, plagiarism and misrepresentation will not be tolerated.

       The music playing is "Spanyöler Tancz", a medieval basse danse by a 14th century organist remembered only by his surname, 'Weck'.   It was programmed by David Cooke and can be found at  David Cooke's Corner of the Public Domain.


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