A Long Journey
Through Many Nights


                         Poetry by Alice Bournesmouth
                                          Sketches by Bernie Carter

                         Soft wind that blows
                          through my mind,
                          take with you my pain-
                          that I may start fresh.
                          Grant me one chance,
                          to find my way like a cloud
                          flying in the breeze-
                          not fighting against it-
                                in all futility.

                          Let me breathe just one
                                          clear breath,
                           think just one clear thought-
                              and perhaps I will know-
                                   I can be free.

                    O tall, brave giant,
                        who protects
                             the Earth,
                        why do you mourn so
                             for others-
                        and refuse serenity
                             for a life of

Dreaming on a City Sidewalk

                             Green through stone
                             doth gleam so bright,
                             while the cleanest glass
                             can but enhance the

                                     in future years
                            grass may turn tree
                                     and with its graceful
                            will break its feeble

                            And the Earth will
                             in her just vengeance
                             before my eyes,
                             as I sit
                             dreaming on a city

  To a Pigeon

                Proud bird, that others scorn,
                       how does your dignity survive?
               How much weight can
                       even a diamond withstand
                       before it is crushed
                                            to dust
              If you do not soar high;
              If you need not kill prey;
                      and your colors need not
                              be bright,
                      you have no right in a world
                              of beauty
                      which your eyes
                              will not behold.

                               Angels, in disguise,
                               hiding in a world of evil,
                               concealed by the masses,
                               seldom seen alone;
                               They do their deeds in quiet
                               and make no note of their
                               There is too much more to
                                        be done;
                              To open the doors of
                                  steel-clasped minds
                              and let seep beauty into
                                  hearts that have froze.

                             Angels walk among us;
                                  angels in disguise.
                             They died lonely martyrs
                                  to a cause oft forgotten


                The sun is setting over the mountains.
            Autumn breezes remind me of a love
            I thought I'd long forgotten
                  deep in this darkest marsh of my memory.

            Beloved in this coven of my sisters,
            I hear the autos pass below
                  my windows...
                  so high removed...
                  and I wonder why I feel so alone.

                            Waves of green grass
                                  seem to spell out
                             thoughts I could not
                                  and feelings I could
                                              not see.

                            Nature seems to
                                  the language of the
                           She eases my mind
                                  with her whispering
                                  and soothes my
                                  with her peaceful

    Black is not purple;
             but I could love you evermore
                                in my autumn dreams.



          The sun rises,
                I smell the sweet aroma
                                                 of the lilac bush.

                       A puppy's soft fur;
                       Memory of a smile;
                               freezes this mood of mine.

                                    River flow past
                                         these fields of green.
                                   Bring freshness
                                         these hills.
                                   While you have
                                         for many years,
                                         your waters always

                                   If that is not
                                         it is,
                                               at least,

                                   Is that your secret;
                                         to stay the same,
                                         yet change everyday?

                                   How slow we are to learn.

O horned one,
    how could you take my child
    and give him to the priest?

   He knew no better
    when he prayed for you.
   He thought you would but see
                              him in hell.

  He did not expect to see you at
   Fifth and Main,
                              selling pencils.
  Yes, times are tough,
     but we expected you
                              were doing well.

  You are not in that line
     and when he held
     a cross to you
     you shrieked with
                               not with pain.

                                       God of heroes
                                       god of fools,
                                       cloud not the visions
                                       you reveal to me.
                                       Please let me
                                       the only difference
                                       'twixt the two
                                       is time and
                                       which you control
                                       and mortals but


                               The moon is rising...
                               your laughter fades like raindrops
                                               falling in a stream.

            I love you so much...
             The weeds bow low in the breeze
                                               and bid me adieu.


  Mother Earth

 Sing, oh spirits
       for thine is the life
       every tree and each fiber
       and every person and every
                       that's ever been.

 Care thee naught
       if we should ever
                       build ye churches
       or write books in thy name;

 Thy world is one and ever
                       shall be
                       and needs no
       blessing from its
       nor is it
                       frightened by a curse
                       nor angered by a
                        to non-extant
                        and delusions of
                            her young.

                                 Mystic dragon,

                   take my life;
          It is of no use
                   to me
                     (nor those I've known).

                 I've not waged wars,
                       nor ogres slain,
                          nor soft words to
                        maidens spoken.

            I've wasted days;
                   a non-entity;
                   lost and never known
                         to be forgotten...


                            ...in the sunshine;
                     "splendor in the grass"

                                   Beware of snakes,
                      my friend,
    and memories of


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