This is a very strange feeling, I'm feeling tonight.  I can't even say if it's good or bad.  I wonder what I shall do.  I'm putting these words down in order to describe a mood for which there are no words...

I could love you...
      but would it matter?
        Could we change our lives?
        Would we even try?
              ...and would we like what we became?


  Words of love;
       things I have not known;
  To hold a love
       and be held back...

  Yes, I've been held back;
   by what I do not know.
   By fears?; By expectations?;
   By insecurity?
   By apathy, perhaps,
   not caring for those
   who care for me.


Two girls playing games;
children’s games;

Shooting dice and dealing stud-poker...

Sarah Drive

                     Drive, Sarah, drive.
                     Gotta hit Moncton
                               before the sun goes down.
                     Drive, Sarah, drive.
                     Won’t you pull off the road,
                               stop and live a while.

                     You gotta get away.
                     Destination’s set.
                     It’s the only way.

                     Drive, Sarah, drive.
                     so you’ll hit Moncton
                               before the sun goes down
                     Drive, Sarah, drive.
                     You can’t pull off the road
                               just to stop and live a while.

                     Goin’ so fast, you don’t realize;
                     it’s not just the car, it’s in your mind.
                              Why do you

                     Drive, Sarah,.  drive?
                     What’s in Moncton
                               before the sun goes down?
                     Drive, Sarah, drive.
                     Why don’t you pull off the road,
                               stop and live a while?

                      Poor Sarah;
                      too narrow to see
                               what’s right in front of her.
                      She’s always looking far away.
                               And so you...

                      Drive, Sarah, drive,
                       just to hit Moncton
                                before the sun goes down.
                      Drive, Sarah, drive.
                      Please pull off the road,
                                stop and live a while.

                      She always into the future sees,
                      but it was long ago,
                                nature planted that tree...
                                       LOOKOUT NOW!

                      Drive, Sarah, drive.
                      You couldn’t stop
                                to ask just a single why.
                                       You had to...

                       Drive, Sarah, drive.
                       You couldn’t pull
                                over just to STOP-

                                        and live a while.

Janet Rd.

 Janet rode the train to Georgia
 and bade farewell to the cold, cold north.

 “Goodbye, friends and lovers.
   Goodbye pain and grief.”

 She could no more face them,
 so she tried to run away;
 To live a new life
             all her own;
 The only kind she could ever give freely,
             were it to be received honestly.


                                        G (invert)                       (inverted) C                              (inverted) G
                         Smile for me, my little Dutch maid.
                                       G     (inverted)      D                     G
                         Smile for me, my darlin’
                                       G (inverted) (inverted)C                     (inverted) G
                         Smile  for  me,  my little Dutch maid,
                                                                       G                       D                (lower) G
                                    or the sun will cease to shine.

chorus:                              G                          C             (inverted) D              G
                                     Smile and puff those rosy cheeks;
                                                           C                                                        G                     D
                           Please, don't let me see you frown.
                                    G                           C                            (inverted) D           G
                             Make me think that I can see forever
                                     C                                         D                           (lower) G
                             through the glimmer of your eyes.


                         Dance with me, my little Dutch maid.
                         Dance with me, my darlin'.
                         Dance with me, my lttle Dutch maid,
                          and we'll sing by the light of the moon.

                         Marry me, my little Dutch maid.
                         Marry me, my darlin'.
                         Marry me, my little Dutch maid,
                         we 11 have children by the score.


4:                       Grow old with me, my little Dutch maid.
                         Grow old with me, my darlin'.
                         Grow old with me, my  little Dutch maid,
                         we’ll pass the years together.


Song for the Stealing

Dream girl, get out of my mind.
Can’t you see?  You ruin my life.
Dream girl, get out of my heart.
Can’t you tell?  You’re stealing my thoughts away.

                 You occupy all of my time.
                 You rule my every move.
                  I can never live my life
                 ‘til you decide to set me free.

Dream girl, get out of my world.
You’ve come to spoil all my plans.
Dream girl, stay away from me...
before I love you forever.

                                        Oh, pretty keyboard player,
                                        you’ve touched the right keys
                                                   to enter my dreams...

                                        In my dreams
                                                   you play for me.

                                        And life flows from your fingertips
                                        and softly caresses my soul;
                                        the melody sounds of your laughter,
                                        but the harmony moves me to tears.

                                        Oh, pretty prostitute,
                                                  you so well know
                                                  the way to my bed...

                                       Please and never vow
                                                  be here tomorrow.

                                        And life flows from your fingertips
                                                  and softly caresses my soul;
                                        The melody sounds of your laughter,
                                                  but the harmony moves me
                                                  to tears.

                                         Oh, pretty women,
                                                  walking down the street,
                                                  and up around the bend...

                                         Please, talk to me
                                                  and make me smile.

                                         And life flows like the breeze
                                                  softly brushing your hair;
                                         In my ears, I hear your laughter,
                                                  but, in my heart,
                                                  I feel only tears.


                                     Strange names glide
                                                    cross my desk.
                                     Pervasive as dust,
                                                    they leave a film
                                                    cross my brain;
                                      a trail of exotic names;
                                                    Trenton, Missouri
                                                    and Xenia, Ohio
                                      and someone to wonder  'bout
                                                    You are but 23
                                                     and like to raft.
                                      I wonder when
                                                     you started to smoke.

                                      My heart breaks,
                                                     to see you are wed;
                                                     and I am jealous;

                                       Of the way he holds you;
                                       of the lies he's told you
                                                     and the nights
                                                     you spend together..
                                       How can you let him touch you,
                                                     as I sit here alone?
                                        I see more in your name
                                        than I ever need know about you.
                                        I love you,
                                                      Lorrie Ditts.


Although you've long left me,
my precious love,
your image comes back to me,
each time I pause to draw a breath;

The satin hair that has touched the freedom
in the wind, and fallen back to frame
the face
brighter than the sunrise after the darkest night;
the eyes that glow
with love strong enough to free the world;
the lips as soft as a mother's caress
of her newborn babe;
and skin so soft
it contours like vapor.

All these have I known,
though no more can I ever reach them.

Still, I never can forget them. They live forever in my fondest memories.


Begin dreams, my then
and me waken
to rising sun;

the day.

Each night
is dark...


So dark
is night.
Each day,
the sun rising
to waken me;
and then,
my dreams begin.

                    Independence Day
                    seems to come on Fridays
                    when my work week's over
                    my cares begin to spring to mind


As alcohol runs slowly through my brain
I, as slowly, and with great concentration,
run through a list of names in a quest
for whom I can call at three in the morn.

Argument With A Mud Path

     While I was on my way home last night, I had a little argument with a mud path.  This particular mud path is on a hillside at the beginning of my shortcut.  I debated with myself as to whether I should hazard the path or take the longer route around it.  It was raining and, though this increased the possibility of falling on the path, it also increased my desire not to extend the duration of my walk home.  I chose the mud path.
     As I approached the mud path, it spoke.
     "You ain't goin’  through here", it said.
     I stepped back, but, since having never considered the question, I wasn’t certain that mud paths couldn’t speak, I very cleverly remarked, "Say what!?'"
     "You ain't goin' through here, knee-biter." it replied.
     "Just watch me!" I countered, just before I slid to the ground.
     "I'm watching", said the mud path.
     "I just lost my balance", I said, "These weeds will help."
     So saying, I grasped a handful of weeds, but they snapped.  I lost my balance and, again, fell.  The mud path laughed.   I got up and tried again.  I lost my solid footing, but this time I grabbed a sturdier weed and was able to regain my balance.
I cleared the path and turned back to address it.
     "Oh yeah", I said casually.
     "Yeah." responded the mud path.
     "Mud paths can’t talk" I told it. I walked home in silence.

 Day after dreary day

 My life drips on;

 Like sewage seeping in some stinking puddle

 a  rainy pool of steeping sludge

 leaking from a tunnel

 where refuse dwells;

disappointing yesterdays

creeping toward tomorrow

 and dreams

 that seemed to vanish

the moment I awoke.

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