Alfred Beach-Scientific American

        This is a story about Alfred Beach, nineteenth century inventor, publisher/editor of Scientific American magazine and inventor/builder of New York City's first subway.  It is a prose research paper, extensively documented and notated yet written in an informal, conversational tone.

Statistical Summary

Pages:                                                                      7
                  Poetry:                                                    0
                  Prose:                                                     5
                  Misc.: [titles, notes, dedication, etc.]:         2

Words:                                                                 2538
                  Average length:                                             letters
                  Syllables per word:

Illustrations                                                                1
                   black &white

Sentences:                                                              287
                  Average length:                                              words

Paragraphs [Stanzas]:                                              180
                  Average length:                                              sentences

ile size:                                                                      23   KB

Number of characters:                                          15763

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