December Dream - (summary)

            Inspired by the Terry Draper/John Woloschuk, Klaatu  song, this is an illuminated manuscript, in which  unrhymed freeverse is written over color plates.  The plates are ink on paper and of a representational yet primitive, cartoony style.  They work together to express the themes of Science fiction and loneliness.
            While its brevity (seven plates) aids the download time, the fact that they're all color plates does not.  We think it is worth the wait, though.

Statistical Summary

Pages:                                                                 7
                  Poetry:                                              5
                  Misc.: [titles, dedication, etc.]:         2

Words:                                                            280

Illustrations:                                                       7
                   Color:                                              5
                   Black & White:                               2
Sentences:                                                        34

Paragraphs [Stanzas]:                                       25

File size:                                                              9  KB

Number of characters:                                  1970

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       The song playing is Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and can be found at And in the Dark.

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