Illuminated Poetry by Richard LeBlanc

        *Inspired by the song, "December Dream" (from the LP Magentalane), written by Terry Draper and John Woloschuk of Klaatu published by Magentalane Music Limited in 1981.

        The song playing now is "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)".  Composed by the same people, it was on an earlier album (3:47 EST) by Klaatu and published in 1976.  Copyright also owned by Magentalane Music.  This MIDI version was acquired at KWest Productions
      Animations obtained from The Dive Shack.

                                 they are brighter,
               and more severe;
               And I wish only
               that I could go home.

                                                          I shall lead this life
                                                          with perfection...

                                                          to what end?


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