Klaatu - An Introduction (summary)

        This is a prose comparison paper, paralleling the career of the 1970's Canadian progressive rock group with the 1951 Science Fiction movie classic, "The Day the Earth Stood Still".  The writing is simple and straight-forward and the transitions are relatively smooth.  The illustration is the cover of the band's first album.
        The group, Klaatu was completely anonymous when they obtained a record contract and were mistaken for the Beatles.  The film is a landmark film in the genre and highly regarded by both science fiction fans and movie lovers in general.

                          Statistical Summary

Pages:                                                               6
                  Poetry:                                            0
                  Prose:                                              5
      Misc.: [titles, notes, dedication, etc.]:      1

Words:                                                        1800

Illustrations                                                      1
                   Color:                                             1
                   Black & White:                             0
Sentences:                                                     220
Paragraphs [Stanzas]:                                 133

File size:                                                          15 KB

Number of characters:                            11385

        The song playing is Klaatu's "Dear Christine" written by John Woloschuk.  It was sequenced by Keld Telén and found at his web site,  http://www.telen.dk/klaatu.

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