Richard LeBlanc

        An amateur magician, Richard LeBlanc is a resident artist/poet/editor in Rockport, Massachusetts.  Rockport, a small New England coastal town once known for its granite quarries is still renowned for its scenery and is still an inspirational setting for any form of artwork.
        Mr. LeBlanc was born in New England and after spending a few years in the midwest where he attended Purdue University, he returned and is currently senior editor at the Hoeffmeir Publishing Company.  Being of an independent nature, Richard believes art should be presented with utmost regard for its integrity, rather than the changing whim of popular opinion.  Hence he must take responsibility for this web site not being as "user-friendly" as it might be.

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        The song playing is the Ian Anderson arrangement (for Jethro Tull) of a Johann Sebastian Bach "Bourrée". It was acquired from K West Productions.

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