is best defined
    by its absence.
    It is easily
    expounded upon
    by using lies.
    It is easily
    on the lips
    of hypocrites...
    but, I must admit;
    Truth is that
    I haven’t found yet.

                                                           So much time spent
                                                                          being lonely...
                                                                 I could be drinking;
                                                                    could be making
                                                            Could I be loving you?

My hand is shaking;
                          too much to write.

    I wish it was so
      with my life;
    that it was too much
      in motion
    for me to notate;
      that I was too much
    to stop and think about it.

    But I only watch
      as life goes by
    and I find too much
      time to write what I see.

                                                   My rod and my staff
                                                   they comfort me…
                                                   and keep me from bouncing
                                                   off the ground and trees.

                                                   Balance is such a problem
                                                   in so many aspects
                                                   of life:
                                                   what to believe or not believe;
                                                   What action should I take?

                                                    we need a staff
                                                    that we can lean on,
                                                    or a bench
                                                    where we can rest.

                                                              Have I seen you before?
                                                              Was it in a dream?
                                                               I clearly recall;
                                                              Your eyes shown like stars,
                                                               but you flew like the breeze
                                                               and barely had I
                                                                                chance to call,

                                                               But you did not answer.

A long winter;
    It seems like years
    I’ve waited
    to see those legs
    that too often pass me by
    and too seldom grace
    my vision;
    but you have walked
    before my mind
    too often
    to forget
    you have walked
    too much before my heart
    for me to else but love you.

                                             Transcendental beauty;
                                             that is what I see
                                             when I admire you.

                                             It cries out to be
                                             looked upon
                                             and takes the viewer
                                             to a place where
                                             dreams are born...

                                             ..and I look again

                                             and you have changed
                                             and with each glance
                                             I find a new dream
                                             waits for me.

Like a cool, sweet breeze,
      you pass before me.
      And I smile,
      as I wonder, where you go.

        The music playing is Merril Bainbridge's "Mouth" and was acquired from Dexxus Music.

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