3-hour crash course vocal workshop

A student learns the fundamental, practical tools for vocal development and performance at the desired level. The workshop as well will guide the student, thru the vocal teacher and the materials, to obtain the desired level of vocal proficiency.

If you want to sing like the best singers and want to develop or improve on proper breathing technique, open and closed vowels, the 4 tone qualities-low whispery/breathy, low bright/buzzy, full voice, head voice (aka falsetto), range, power, long tones/short tones, embellishments (aka riffs-chops), vibrato, vocal characteristics-artifacts, how a singer learns a song properly, how a singer breaks down songs and learns from the best recording artist's by listening , microphone techniques, stage performance techniques and repertoire, this workshop/method is for you.

This crash course can never replace the quality that a student receives with consitent lessons and training.

See vocal methodlink or home page for additional method info and styles taught info.

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