Do you want to be a singer/performer or to improve as one?  Do you want to learn the secrets of the pros and learn (or learn to improve on) how to sing and/or perform like the best vocalists?  Would you like to learn the simplest, best and most effective vocal method available today?

 Recording services and songwriting instruction/services also available, see links at bottom of this page for all additional info.)

Touch Of Soul Productions Owner, Master Vocal Coach, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Talent Scout and Record/Vocal Producer, Thomas Teahan, comes from a solid music background.  He is also a Billboard Magazine Award Winning Songwriter, Songwriting Instructor and a Certified Vocal Coach with the National Association of Teachers of Singing He has helped vocal students like Natalina Depina get a major recording contract and "Asheen" perform on American Idol.

Touch Of Soul’s vocal instruction method has evolved from the best singers'/vocal teachers' techniques and has been combined into an instructional program to give the student the most effective and quickest vocal results.  The philosophy at Touch Of Soul is this; As long as you can speak, you can learn to sing effectively!

Privately operated in Beverly and Cambridge Massachusetts, Touch Of Soul teaches private (person to person) vocal lessons, as well as a 3-hour (private or group) crash course vocal workshop.  The styles taught are Pop, R&B, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and Contemporary Christian.  Thomas Teahan, Touch Of Soul's owner, is also available to travel locally and nationally for private and group workshop(s) and group instruction.

A weekly, 1 hour lesson is  available to beginners, intermediate and advanced students (see prices link below).  The 3-hour crash course vocal workshop is highly recommended to all students who cannot take consistent lessons.

The 3-hour crash course vocal workshop gives a student the same great method at a crash course level.  Depending on which level a student needs (there are 3 levels, they are: beginner, intermediate and advanced), the workshop will give the student all the necessary tools to achieve that level of instruction needed in approximately 3 hours.  The 3-Hour Crash Course Workshop is a little more than a crash course, but will never replace consistent training.

Vocal lessons, private and group workshop(s) and group instruction are available.

Additional services;
Touch Of Soul also teaches stage performance techniques, overcoming stage fright and how to confront an audience. However, if singing and performing are not your ambitions, or not your only ones, learn about composing (songwriting) from a Billboard Award-Winning Songwriter.  Private (person to person) and group songwriting instruction is also available, as well as a songwriting crash course workshop.  Thomas is available to travel locally and nationally for private and group workshop(s) and group instruction.  See bottom of prices link for more info on additional services.

If you want to record a marketable song, Touch Of Soul will produce record productions of the finest quality for you, with accessibility to state-of-the-art recording studios and contacts to industry professionals for song and artist promotion.

Vocal production services available.

Songwriting services are also available.

Additional services are available.

For more information, please telephone Boston area (857) 888-0506 or email Thomas at touchofsoulproductions@gmail.com.

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