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Finding the Right Teacher/Method

When a student is looking for the right teacher and method to study from, there are a few things to look for:

1)  A student should find an effective vocal teacher that has years of experience as a professional vocalist/vocal teacher.

2)  It is recommended that the student's personal style in which they desire to learn and sing, match up to the method the teacher instructs.  For example, a student may not want to study a Pop/RnB method from a Classical vocal teacher who does not personally sing Pop/RnB or related style, but to study with a teacher who does sing in the students desired style of interest.

3)  The student and teacher should have a good rapport with each other.


This is Touch Of Soul owner/vocal teacher, Thomas Teahan's, personal opinion in finding the right teacher and method for you.  Please don't judge a book by its cover when you first meet a teacher.  Some vocal teachers and voice instruction schools have elegant surroundings, state-of-the-art equipment, etc. and I am not taking anything away from the good teachers who do have these things but there are some not-so-good teachers that have great surroundings where equipment, etc. substitute good teaching techniques, so these great surroundings don't make a great teacher.  My best vocal teacher, and now Mentor, I first met in his earlier teaching grounds of a dirt floor basement with just him and an old keyboard.  I learned more from him in one hour, in my desired style of interest, than I did with previous vocal teachers in months combined.  Besides just finding a good to great teacher, find a great method to study from as well.  A student doesn't want complex and unnecessary techniques to learn, from a method that is ineffective.  A student want's to learn specific method techniques in their style of interest, that is highly effective and that saves the student time and money.

If your style of interest is any of these...Pop, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Blues, and Jazz, the best method and techniques are waiting for you at Touch Of Soul.  Touch Of Soul itself is a small, privately owned business with a Beverly, MA teaching location and T.O.S. wishes to remain this way (small and private) and only takes on serious students.  Thomas is available to travel to you with Cambridge and Beverly, Ma teaching locations.

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