Thomas Teahan - biography

Since his youth, Thomas Teahan has been singing as a Pop, R&B, Gospel and Contemporary Christian vocalist in the Boston, MA area.  Thomas grew up in mixed cultural African-American, Latin-American and Caucasian-American neighborhoods, in the Boston area, where he was influenced by the music of these cultures.  Not only a vocalist, Thomas, as well is a gifted songwriter, record producer and recording artist.

Besides his experience previously mentioned, Thomas has also studied with one of the nations best vocal coaches and record producers.  Thomas has trained for many years as a singer-performer, songwriter, record producer, vocal producer, recording artist and vocal coach-teacher.

Thomas' unique combination of gifts as a singer/songwriter, record producer/vocal producer and vocal coach-teacher is rare.  He knows the necessary and proper ingredients to combine songwriting techniques, vocal techniques/production and record production techniques to get a hit record sound, vocally, lyrically and musically.  He says "A lot of the times record companies dont even know what they are looking for to get a hit record sound, but I say this with humility, I think I do.  It's the right blend of everything, not overcooked and not under, just right for that special flavor to bottle and package"

Thomas' passion is vocal teaching and songwriting instruction and he is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.  He say's "I have the teaching bug.  I love to teach and see a student improve.  It's fulfilling and rewarding."

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