The Vocal Method

Learn the secrets of the pro's!!!

If you want to sing like the best singers and want to develop or improve on proper breathing technique, open and closed vowels, the 4 tone qualities-low whispery/breathy, low bright/buzzy, full voice, head voice (aka falsetto), range, power, long tones/short tones, embellishments (aka riffs-chops), vibrato, vocal characteristics-artifacts, how a singer learns a song properly, how a singer breaks down songs and learns from the best recording artists by listening , microphone techniques, stage performance techniques and repertoire, this method is for you.

A very unique, simple and highly effective vocal instruction method is taught. The same method is taught whether you are taking private lessons, private or group 3-hour crash course vocal workshop.

The method eliminates extra time and money spent that the student can face with other methods.  Many other methods are constructed and taught (sometimes not purposely) in a way that has the student coming back for over-extended periods of time.  These methods teach unnecessary (and non specific, non related) information, so more time/money is wasted.

The method applies to all the styles taught at Touch Of Soul:  Pop, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Blues, and Jazz.

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