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Abracadabra Book search International  Buy and sell.  Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or you just want to browse, this is a good stop, especially for rare, antique or otherwise hard-to-find volumes.

The Academy of American Poets The Academy of American Poets was founded in 1934 to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry. The largest organization in the country dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, the Academy
sponsors programs nationally. These include the Academy Fellowship, the Wallace Stevens Award, the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, the James Laughlin Award, the Walt Whitman Award, the Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Award, the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award, poetry prizes at 170 colleges and universities, a national series of poetry readings and poets' residencies, and the American Poets Fund and the Atlas Fund, which provide financial assistance to poets and non-commercial publishers of poetry, respectively. The Academy also sponsors National Poetry Month (April), an annual celebration of the richness and vitality of American poetry; the Poetry Book Club, the only book club of its kind in the United States; and the Online Poetry Classroom, an educational resource and online teaching community for high school teachers. Additionally, the Academy maintains one of the liveliest and most comprehensive poetry sites on the Internet, at

Advanced Book Exchange A search through many book dealers and registration and free web pages if you are in the book selling business. "Allpoetry is a community based around creating a safe and fun environment for poets to display their work. There is a split focus between education and archiving, we believe in free-expression, and we encourage users to leave in-depth comments. All levels of poets are welcomed - if you're interested in poetry, Allpoetry is the place for you! " is an excellent site to search for books, videos, CDs and other items.

American Heritage"Twenty-one leading historians, writers, and critics select the best books (and photographs and movies) ever about the American experience, past and present."

Apoetichaven "post as much as you wish, yet read and comment as much as you can, support others and they will return the fair, be kind, be honest and be constructive in your comments to other poets work.......enjoy yourself"

Art. Net Links: Online Literature References Books on audio...not tape, but MP3.

Audio Bible A bible that really talks to you..and, no, it doesn't shout the ten commandments part.

Audio Book Club "World's greatest selection of audiobooks"

Audiobooks Online "Audiobooks on cassette, CD and MP3 CD.  "Real People - Old Fashion Service"  Audiobooks at Everyday discounts up to 40%"

Authors' Den "Author Broadcasts new! - Read about authors and their works. Discover and meet thousands of authors and readers around the world."

Ayn Rand Bookstore"The selections we carry meet rigorous philosophic standards.  Across a wide array of subjects, our titles present (implicitly or explicitly, in part or in whole):  the efficacy and value of reason - the benefits of free scientific inquiry and technological progress - the virtues of individual achievement, and its guarantor,  individual rights - the practicality of freedom and capitalism.  In other words, 'ideas for the rational mind.'"

The Ayn Rand Institute The Center for the advancement of Objectivism.

Barnes and Noble The web site of the famous and huge bookstore. Superb collection of online texts featured in our 'Writing Tools' section.

Bestsellers Monthly Book Collection "Send a gift to a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any other occasion!"

Bibliofind Used and rare book search.

Bibliomania A great site for true bibliophiles and curiosity seekers alike.

Bing Crosby's Fantastic Haikus "Some of you may not be aware, but the poetry of Bing Crosby is an amazing part of our country's literary history, especially when it comes to haiku. This site serves as a tribute to the poetic work of Bing Crosby, and other unsung heroes of this romantic art."
Jolly joke.

Blue Letter Bible has over 1,100,000 links from the Word of God to over 85,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries! Enjoy!

Book and Writing Club "Founder's Message:  Hello I'd like to welcome all the creative and imaginative people who have decided to join my club. For those who are just looking but are genuinely interested in  literature, I hope you strongly consider joining because I would love sharing ideas and opinions with all of you."

Book of the Month Club  They've been a resource for book lovers for a long time and they're still at it. Good resource for CD's and videos too!

Bookbarn "1,000,000 out of print books in stock."

Bookcliff Group Electronic Publishers with Print on Demand "You've come to a friendly place, and we welcome you to our book-lovers' community. What is BookCrossing, you ask? It's a global book club that crosses time and space. It's a reading group that knows no geographical boundaries. Do you like free books? How about free book clubs?. Well, the books our members leave in the wild are free... but it's the act of freeing books that points to the heart of BookCrossing. Book trading has never been more exciting, more serendipitous, than with BookCrossing. Our goal, simply, is to make the whole world a library. BookCrossing is a book exchange of infinite proportion, the first and only of its kind."

Book A book store for rare and out-of-print books.

Books in Print Professional "... the industry’s largest Web-based bibliographic resource for professionals.  Find what you're looking for quickly and easily, using our unbiased, authoritative, and comprehensive database of over 5 million book, audio book, and video titles."

Canadian Authors' Association"The Canadian Authors Association is Canada's national writing organization. Founded in 1921, the CAA has played a key role in the support and development of the Canadian writing community. It has charitable status as a registered National Arts Service Organization. For more information about the CAA follow the links on the sidebar menu to the areas that interest you."

Chantaclair's Parlor "Poetry, Meanderings, Victorian Pins and Tales, Geneology, Business and Stories by Chantaclair Rose."

A Child's Christmas in Wales The Dylan Thomas Classic online in its entirety.

Christopher's Place Splash Page A quality site combining graphic arts and poetry from Christopher and other contributors.  Christopher writes, "Welcome to the new Christopher's Place.  You can still be you and I can still be me.  We can express our selves and be as free as can be.  The concept of my web site is still the same"

The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Excellent source of information about the invento of Sherlock Holmes.

Bruce Clifford on Pencil Stubs Online I thought this quality poet and musician warranted an individual link even though his page can be found on "Pencil Stubs Online".

The Complete Jules Verne Bibliography

Peter Cooper Prose, poetry and visual art by this talented visionary.

Copyright Protection "This page covers the basic definitions regarding copyrights. It has been written using the Berne Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Berne Convention) as the main bibliographical source, and does not refer to the laws of any country in particular. Therefore, comparing this document to the particular laws of your country may arise in discrepancies. However, copyright laws vary from country to country but as a rule do not contravene or provide less copyright protection than the Berne Convention, provided the country in question is a member thereof." [see also 'Information' and 'Government Offices' links at Hoeffmeir Publishing Company]

The Stephen Crane Society "The purpose of SCS is the dissemination of information on the life and works of the American author Stephen Crane and the facilitation of the exchange of facts,
ideas, and texts concerning Stephen Crane and literature. Consistent with this purpose, the activities of SCS will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

1. Lectures, discussions, and presentations by panels at scholarly conferences.

2. Publication of Stephen Crane Studies, the official periodical of SCS distributed
to all its members."
Texts are available to non-members.

crestfallen7777 "Welcome to this club! Anyone may join as long as they are serious about their skills and agree to contribute when and however they can! In here we will be sharing and critiquing/editing works submitted by the members.I ask that everyone is honest in their critiquing but also polite. The putting down of others work will not be tolerated! So be nice and have fun sharing! Enjoy!"

Cruxweb Great poetry and art site plus pleny of good links.

Dark Carnival; Bookstore of the Imagination "Dark Carnival specializes in science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books! We have a huge selection, a knowledgeable staff and plenty of random plastic stuff to round out your bookstore experience!

Different Fish Publishing "Publishing in all media but foundationally the great hitherto unknown authors of this new age writing words founded in truth previously unheard with an integrity that matches those words (leatherbound books and scrolls), protecting and exercising our Constitutional right to a free press, which our forebears knew to be more powerful than swords, enabling people to express from thought, through creation, into a new union.

Different Fish Publishing is proud to bring to you a new level of beauty, quality and integrity in what it means to write, publish and own a book in the modern world. Utilizing inexpensive and accessible desktop publishing technology and an online World Wide Web based bookstore we are able to bring publishing and bookbinding back into the world of craft while keeping the price below that of traditional hardcover books. For the first time in human history it is now economically viable for all writers and artists to give to the world, from their passion, the fruits of their hearts, minds and hands."

Easton Press High quality leather bound books.

Ellison Webderland Official site of author Harlan Ellison.

The Endicott Studio of Mythical Arts "The Endicott Studio was founded by Terri Windling as a creative center devoted to modern Mythic Arts: literary, visual, and media art projects rooted in themes from folktales and myths. When first established in 1987, the Studio was based in New York and Boston. In 1991, Terri relocated and the Endicott Studio became transatlantic. Now it is based from spring to autumn on Dartmoor (Devon, England), a green land soaked in old Celtic myth -- and, during the winter months, in the Sonoran desert (Tucson, Arizona), a landscape colored by the living folklore of its Native and Mexican populations.

Although originally a "one-woman shop," the Endicott Studio has grown in the last decade and now supports a variety of collaborative projects drawing upon the visions of mythic artists from both sides of the Atlantic."

FictionPress "FictionPress is a growing network of over 72,000 writers, hundreds of thousands of readers, and home to over 325,000 original works. As a writer, this is a place to showcase your creativity and for a reader, FictionPress is an opportunity to feast to your heart's content."

Find A database of both famous and as yet undiscovered poetry.

Foggy Thoughts A personal page featuring poetry and writings.

Gandolf's Book of Shadows "In this land of twelves realms, you will find Celtic, Tolkien, and Arthurian Graphics, Cornish Folklore, Gandolf, MIDI Music Files, our Guest Book, Links, Cornish Bibliography and Glossary, Search the entire Site, About Us, Awards, Library (purchase books, CDs, and videos from the Wizard's Bookshop), and Shop Bag End dot Com, Bag End's Main Street Shopping."

A Gift of Poetry " - Unique personalized gifts for every occasion - Excellent gifts that literally last a lifetime. Custom poems written for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays."

Grub, Grot and Grime "by Grubbymitts.  On the following  pages you will find an assortment of the grottiest, grubbiest poems ever written.  So, if you're one of those who pecks their nose and eats the evidence read on.  Otherwise, just read the poems and enjoy! (Go on - eat a bogey!)" Now affiliated with e-bay.  Place to buy and sell various items including books...a good source.

ilovepoetry " is an Internet community for poets and poetry lovers. We designed our site to make it easier for you to share your poems will the rest of the world and to have others find pleasure in reading your work.

To make finding poetry on the Internet a more enjoyable experience, we offer our visitors a number of features.

Each poem is searchable by a subject category, form, poet, title, and keywords as specified by the poet.
Our random poem feature allows you to experience a variety of poems with just a click.
Poems are listed based upon user response

Unique to is your ability to create an account where your own poems can be accessed for editing. You can also view comments made by other users. This gives you confidentiality when sharing your poems, and also allows you to improve your work.

Please feel free to explore other features of our site. You can send free greeting cards and either insert your poem or choose a poem of ours that expresses your feelings just right. To make it even more personal, you can record a poem and let your voice be heard. This site also lets you tell readers more about you and lets them share their feelings with you after reading your poems."

The Insolent Lad "INSOLENT LAD ENTERPRISES and the BROOKE STUDIOS-choose an area of the site below and enjoy your visit Writing and Publishing home of the Nihil Crocodile Press Recording Services mobile or in the studio. Insolent Lad Records Lucky Lad Records music and more.  Art featuring the artwork of Stephen Brooke The Store We  accept credit cards online!  Buy something!  music ~ artwork ~ notecards~apparel ~ books  Stores at Lulu and Cafe Press with images by Stephen Brooke."

Internet Classics Archive is a good site for information or some great literature.

IPL Online Text Collection The Internet Public Libraries database of over 7700 titles on a wide variety of topics.

The Library of Congress Home Page access to the most extensive library.

The Literary GuildA bestseller book club.

The Literary Salon "During the 18th Century, the Literary Salon was the center for discussion on all subjects, literature,  poetry, philosophy, religion, theater, politics and so on. It is my hope that that forum can be created and thrive on the Internet. What better place for the Literary Salon of the 21st Century! All are welcome! Be prepared to share your thoughts on all things! "

Mad Magazine What else can I say?  What, me worry?!

Merriam-Webster Online Authoritative American English dictionaries and reference.

Moontown Cafe"Our site was designed to help writers succeed in the world of poetry. We have many resources to help get your poems read, critiqued, and published. We feature all styles of poetry including: love poems, haikus, rhyming poetry, myth, nature, humor, children's, tanka, free verse, structure, love poems and much more. Members love entering their poems into our free poetry contests for a chance to win cash prizes. We love poems and hope you love our poetry site!"

Netdictionary "Netdictionary is an alphabetical reference guide to technical, cultural, and humorous terms related to the Internet. Confounded by the meaning of a cryptic networking term? Can't seem to make sense of a particular acronym? You've come to the right site:!"

Netlingo If you ever wonder just what people are talking about on the web, this is the site for you.  Internet techno-babble defined.

The New Yorker The famous literary and cultural magazine online.

NovelGuide " is the premier free source for literary analysis on the web.  We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary Literature Profiles, Metaphor Analysis, Theme Analyses, and Author Biographies."

Painted Poetry an interactive literary and art site.

Pencil Stubs Online "Pencil Stubs started out as an online magazine, (e-zine) publishing the works freely submitted by anyone willing to do so whose submissions met our broad guidelines.  A great deal for amateur authors and poets to share their work and creativity, as well as some exceptional reading and entertainment.

Today, we are much more.  Now you can write on our "Wall", visit our interactive story department where everyone can join in and help write an adventure as well as our "Serialized Stories" where we release a chapter or two each month, from several different books and authors.

Another department is "A Novel Idea" where we publish excerpts and press releases of new books, complete with links to help you purchase the book if it suits your fancy.  You can also search or see the latest bestsellers at, a portion of your purchase returns to Pencil Stubs and helps keep us going.

Our magazine is released once a month, usually within the first week of each month.  You can subscribe to our new issue notification, and we will email you when each issue is released.  Only users who are signed in may subscribe.  Details on submission guidelines can be found by following the "Submit" link and we will be more than happy to personally answer any of your questions via email.

Thanks for dropping by, we hope you will find your visit as rewarding and fun filled as we do providing it to you free of charge."

The Personal Navigator American historical books, maps and antiques.  Check it out.

A Poetic Haven A forum for poets to critique and support each other. Over 1.3 million poets from all over the world can be found on this the official site of The International Library of Poetry.

The Poetry Society of America Homepage for this illustrious organization founded in 1910.

Project Greenlight "Executive Producers BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON, in association with CHRIS MOORE (co-producer of "Good Will Hunting" & producer of "American Pie"), MIRAMAX FILMS and HBO, have all joined together to call upon the amateur screenwriters and filmmakers of the United States to submit their original screenplays online to:

The winning Contestant(s) will become eligible to direct their original screenplay into a MIRAMAX-distributed feature film, AND the entire production of the film will be covered in an HBO documentary-style television series.  The series will focus on the plight and adventure of this first-time writer/director Contestant, taking the reins of his or her own feature film."

Project Gutenberg "The Project Gutenberg Philosophy is to make information, books and other materials available to the general public in forms a vast majority of the computers, programs and people can easily read, use, quote, and search."

Quality Paperback Bookclub A division of Book-of-the-Month offering high quality paperback and hardcover editions.

Science Fiction Book Club

Scientific American  Reproductions of the first issues, originally printed in the 19th century.

Second Hand Prose is a great source for used and rare books and records.

Shakespeare Home Page is where you can find the works of William Shakespeare on line as well as articles and comments from experts and fans.

She Tales Stories centering around women by poet and novelist Peter Cooper. - Classical Poetry Port A site dedicated to Herman Melville's immortal, "Moby Dick", classical poetry and nautical themes.

Todays-Woman "...a website that was built by a man administrated by a woman. We are an interactive community for men and women 18 and over. We have united in a warm friendship setting resembling that of a coffee house to read and give feedback on one another’s work. We encourage and build our writing techniques through feedback, contests, recognition and poet of the month. Each member receives their own personal page, photo option, home page promotion and more great benefits."

Tribal Winds "We carry a full line of  jewelry, music, books, chokers & choker bracelets, drums, and flutes. Also our artists have been working on a full line of Eastern Woodland artifacts. Please look over our catalog and call or email us. If there is a special item you are looking for, please ask us, as we may be able to locate it for you. May the light of the Great Spirit surround and guide you along your chosen path."

Valentine Publishing Group includes catalogue. Book sales and distribution.  "For every small press and literary journal, there is a group of readers who wait with outstretched hands for that alive writing so often ignored by the conglomerate publishers and so much in danger of vanishing into obscurity in what has become the age of mass appeal food, movies, books and art."

The Women's Library A collection of historical, pardon, herstorical and cultural significance brought to us by the Women's Internet Information Network Inc.

Women Writers - an e-zine "It all started simply: I was minding my own business, keeping up with my other women's lit site Domestic Goddesses, when I received a letter from a "big business" internet company inviting me to create a guide to women writers for them. I was supposed to receive a small amount of cash per month to create and upkeep this site.... I thought, why not? I entered their training program, was very frustrated by the whole experience, and wound up not becoming a guide for them. I still use their sites (after a brief period of bitterness) and don't blame them at all-- in fact, there's now a new person doing the job I was going to do and I think her work is great (although I'm not sure why mine didn't make it cause it was quite similar in content)."

Writers Guild of America "As the world leader in online screenplay registration, the WGAw represents writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media industries."

The Write News "...[T]he latest news in the publishing and writing worlds extensive news media database with over 1000 links."
                                                                 --CNN Interactive

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