The following are in no way associated with the Hoeffmeir Publishing Company, but we hope you might find these sites useful or amusing or both.  Enjoy.


Alchemy Mindworks "Welcome to Alchemy Mindworks' web page. We invite you to check out Graphic Workshop, the Windows image management package; GIF Construction Set, the world's most popular web page animator; Presentation Wizard, Screen Saver Construction Set, The Ultimate Screen Clock, Calendar Wizard, Steven William Rimmer's novels and a lot more."

American Electronic Resource"American Electronic Resource is a Global leader in the electronic component distribution industry. Our goal is to place the World's electronic component inventory at the purchasing agents fingertips. The ever changing needs of the market, including long lead times, product obsolescence, failed delivery dates and lack of customer service, have become a daily dilemma for every component buyer. At American Electronic Resource, as an independent distributor, we focus on solving these problems for you. You can expect reliability, fast quotations, immediate delivery, and exceptional prices. We offer all of these benefits and more:

Worldwide inventory access
User friendly component search engine
Hard to find and obsolete parts
Personalized service
State-of-the-art information systems
Knowledgeable technical support "

Animation Factory A large archive of a wide variety of GIF's.

BlueGenesis Web hosting.  Made easy for non-expert end-users. Abridged online version of the famous encyclopedia.

Change Detection"Now anyone can automatically monitor any web page for changes. It's free!"

Cool Graphics "Resources for artists and web designers."

Crystal Cafe Graphics

CYBRO.COM Web Page design by Castano Design Associates.

The Daily WAV WAVs, MIDIs and links galore! Download software.

Dragon Graphics "Dragon Graphics, is a beginning business, looking to make its own way in the world of web design.  I am a single beginning designer, self taught, working to build this business on a three piece simple foundation. What this is, is very simple; Honesty, Loyalty, and Reliability."

Dragon Systems Home Page The company specializing in Voice Recognition Technology.  Talk to your computer.

Driver Easily navigable, very informative and useful source for drivers and information about computers.

The Driver Forum A place to discuss computer drivers. "The place to find device drivers."

EAC-Exact Audio Copy"It will help you to copy (extract) audio tracks, or even parts of them, to the harddisk. In newer versions it also includes some audio CD writing routines and a small audio editor."

e-bay Computers Computer auctions on e-Bay. The premier source for affordable previous version hardware, software and accessories.

eLinux Products, information and more for Linux.

Find an ISP Search for an Internet Service Provider either by their name or get a list by area serviced.

Free Animated GIF's A fine collection of links leading to information and archives of GIF's both animated and static.

Free Audio Clips"Looking for awesome audio clips? Look no further! is loaded with tons of wav, midi and au files for your listening and downloading pleasure!"

Free-Spy A collection of links and offers for many free products and services.

The Free Site.Com "We bring you fresh listings and reviews of all the best freebies that are available on the Net."

Gandolf's Book of Shadows "In this land of twelve realms, you will find Celtic, Tolkien, and Arthurian Graphics, Cornish Folklore, Gandolf, MIDI Music Files, our Guest Book, Links, Cornish Bibliography and Glossary, Search the entire Site, About Us, Awards, Library (purchase books, CDs, and videos from the Wizard's Bookshop), and Shop Bag End dot Com, Bag End's Main Street Shopping."

Geocites Free home pages, search engines, etc.

Globalnet Services Web hosting and development services.

HOAXBUSTERS "Interspersed among the junk mail and spam that fills our Internet e-mail boxes are dire warnings about devastating new viruses, Trojans that eat the heart out of your system, and malicious software that can steal the computer right off your desk. Added to that are messages about free money, children in trouble, and other items designed to grab you and get you to forward the message to everyone you know. Most all of these messages are hoaxes or chain letters. While  hoaxes do not automatically infect systems like a virus or Trojan, they are still time consuming and costly to remove
from all the systems where they exist. At CIAC, we find that we spend much more time de-bunking hoaxes than handling real virus and Trojan incidents. These pages describe some of the warnings, offers, and pleas for help that are filling our mailboxes, clogging our mailservers, and that generally do not have any basis in fact."

Host Index Directory of webhosting services.

IBM Home Page "ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will.  No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the Net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when they log on. The need to conduct a directory search each time you want to communicate with a specific person is eliminated."

Internet keywords

The JAVAScript Source is, of course another great source for Javascript with a searchable database.  It has been utilized many times on these pages.

Juno offering free e-mail and internet service, greeting cards and more.

Links to Electronics Companies

Lotus Home Page Products, service and information.

MacMall "PC Mall's Core Business, consisting primarily of the PC Mall and MacMall brands, is a rapid response supplier of technology solutions for business, government and educational institutions as well as consumers.  More than 100,000 different products from companies such as Compaq, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Cisco are marketed to business customers using relationship-based outbound telemarketing, catalogs and the internet (  &  Customer orders are rapidly filled by the Company's distribution center strategically located near FedEx's main hub or by PC Mall's extensive network of distributors - one of the largest networks in the IT industry."

Mailinator "Have you ever needed an email .. NOW? Have you ever gone to a website that asks for your email for no reason (other than they are going to sell your email address to the highest bidder so you get spammed forever)?

Welcome to Mailinator(tm) - Its no signup, instant email. Here is how it works: You are on the web, at a party, or talking to your favorite insurance salesman. Whereever you are, someone (or some webpage) asks for your email. You know if you give it, you'll be spammed. On the other hand, you do want at least one email from that person. The answer is to give them a mailinator address. You don't need to sign-up. You just make it up on the spot. Pick or - pick anything you want (up to 15 characters before the @ sign).

Later, come to this site and check the email for that account. Its that easy. Mailinator accounts are created when mail arrives for them. No signup, no personal information, and when you're done - you can walk away. The emails will automatically be deleted for you after a few hours.

Let'em spam."

Matt's Script Archive A very popular site offering free CGI programs, links and information. Anti virus scan online.

Microsoft Home Page

Music Graphics Galore

Music Related Graphic Sources

Net Broadcasting System "NBS features independent films, full length movies, and dramas. NBS is a forum for independent artists such as local bands, dancers, writers, directors, sporting events and many more."

NetCall Telecom "Eradicate wasted call time and lost calls. Connect immediately to the right member of staff.  Even use internet tools to give your phone calls a visual "look"! All NetCall's solutions are available as low-cost, easy-to-implement services and as painlessly integrated products. "

Netdictionary "Netdictionary is an alphabetical reference guide to technical, cultural, and humorous terms related to the Internet. Confounded by the meaning of a cryptic networking term? Can't seem to make sense of a particular acronym? You've come to the right site:!"

Netlingo If you ever wonder just what people are talking about on the web, this is the site for you.  Internet techno-babble defined.

Netscape Yellow Pages

Network Solutions Domain registration.

New Orleans Web Design Company "Infintech Designs is a New Orleans web design company that specializes in cutting edge web design, graphic design & logo design, web design, SEM and SEO services in New Orleans, Louisiana."

Nocturnal Child's Graphics

No HTML posting If your messages are rejected or if they simply annoy fellow computer users, you may want to read this page.  Of course, if the problem is your personality, this page won't help.

Open Book Systems is a web site designer and internet publisher.  Their track record is exceptional and so are the services they provide, such as book search and electronically publishing previously unpublished works.

PCDC-Personal Computer Diagnostic Center.  Download Device drivers!

PCMall "PC Mall's Core Business, consisting primarily of the PC Mall and MacMall brands, is a rapid response supplier of technology solutions for business, government and educational institutions as well as consumers.  More than 100,000 different products from companies such as Compaq, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Cisco are marketed to business customers using relationship-based outbound telemarketing, catalogs and the internet (  & Customer orders are rapidly filled by the Company's distribution center strategically located near FedEx's main hub or by PC Mall's extensive network of distributors - one of the largest networks in the IT industry."

People Finder

Polybytes "Polybytes®, Inc. is a small business that has been producing quality software for home and business applications for over 20 years. We started with the Lucidata Pascal System for Heathkit HDOS and CP/M systems, and later wrote EDT, a programmer's editor for MSDOS. We have also produced a variety of custom applications for various customers, including many applications for versions of 16 and 32 bit Microsoft Windows."

POV-the Persistence of Vision Raytracer "The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. It is available in official versions for Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, the Macintosh, i86 Linux, SunOS, and Amiga. The source code is available for those wanting to do their own ports."

Professional SEO Services"SEO Company India: Professional SEO Company in New Delhi India, providing Professional SEO Services, Link Building, Web Designing and content writing services. SEO Company with fully Professional SEO Experts."

Remco de Korte offers free screensavers, computer games and puzzles and a wealth of computer tools and diversions. "You're angry! So much so, that you decided to search out a solution to stop those annoying webpopup advertisements (you don't need a university diploma anyway). You have a right to be angry! Rest assured, you're not alone. You join the millions who have also been victimized by this form of spam advertisements. Below, we will show you how to stop these webpopups forever. It's simple, and if you're technology savvy you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to stop these webpopups advertisements. For the purposes of this article, we have dubbed this new form of spam the "WEBPOPUP" after the individual(s) who use that particular user name to spam millions of unsuspecting internet users. However, it makes no difference if you are accessing the world wide web or just idling online, you're still vulnerable to the webpopup advertisements. Some have also dubbed this "Messenger Spam." By any name, they're pure evil and annoying." "Rhino-DVD specializes in VHS to DVD transfer; we transfer VHS tapes, DVD to VHS, Picture shows, family pictures and music CD to DVD for you to show during those special family moments. We charge $10.00 per hour for converting VHS to DVD. We create all DVD’s with Dolby digital sound for the best possible listening and viewing enjoyment." Free screen savers for Windows.  has some Mac compatible savers and reviews.

SEO Depth Company"SEO DEPTH is an emerging Indian company. We believe in good quality SEO services so that you can get the real success. We have been providing SEO services for the last two years. We are committed to give you our best SEO services so that you can rely on us. We have a team of dedicated and hardworking professionals to assist you in SEO services. We leave no stone unturned in getting your site's high ranking in the SERPs. We are the leading Professional SEO Services provider in India. We assure you that we won't let you feel disappointed. You'll find us a step ahead in our services. It is our intention to satisfy you with our best services. We always make efforts to give you our best technical help to make your web site's popularity as well as your business. We have got a lot of recognition in the web marketing and SEO services. Our SEO services help you in giving a high boost in your search engine result pages. We do our best to get your web site in a better position. It is a great sense to spend money on SEO services because by doing this you can be confident of getting your site's better page rank.
The following are our Services:-
The above said services are the necessities of a web page. It makes a web page a real web page. These services make a web page grow faster. The SEO Services ensure whether a web page is able to get higher page rank in the search engine's result pages. We do our best to pace with the latest technology so that we can give you the best SEO Services. A search engine's crawler goes through the Meta tags to give the best search results. So it is very important that your site's Meta tags must be able to represent your whole site. Such necessary changes are in SEO Services. The one way link building services which we provide are fully reliable and ensure your permanent one way link building. We find you better clients for your web page." web hosting, email etc.  Now operated by Yahoo! "Welcome to Simtel.Net - A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software."

Sound of the Web "The ultimate interactive sound library featuring 892 pro sound effects"

Spamcop "SpamCop helps you punish spammers for sending you their junk mail. This service is free. Often, spammers lose their accounts and even get charged "cleanup fees" by their internet providers. Unfortunately, life is still too easy for the spammer. They sign up with new accounts as fast as we shut them down. By reporting spam, you can help to turn the tide - and hopefully cause spammers some pain in the process. SpamCop makes this otherwise slow and technical task quick and easy. "
    Many useful services including Host-tracker and Preview.

Speech Users Desktop  "The Speech.Users Desktop is here to help us explore the full capacity of speech recognition systems. In doing so, we will have the opportunity to help manufacturers  find and fix bugs, suggest user interface enhancements and help the novice user get the best out of their speech recognition system.."

Super Pages Directories in English and Spanish.

Symantec -"Cures for your computers aches and pains" Virus checkers, diagnostics, etc.

TopDownloads offers a collection of the top software, both freeware and shareware, for windows 95/98/NT/CE/2000, from simple drivers to full functioning programs. Free webpages, searches etc.

ValueWeb is a web hosting company with competitive rates.

Veri-sign Formerly Network Solutions,  allows you to lookup domain names or purchase services.

Verizon Superpages

Vicki's CipArt and Animation Storage "I love animations and clip art.  I created this site to store my own collection.  As a member here, you can create your own albums.  Any album you create will be totally under your control.  No one else can edit, delete, or add anything to your own albums.  As manager, I do have control over any of the albums, but will not edit your albums as long as you stay within my own guidelines.  I only have two rules for anyone creating albums in this community and they are:
                     #1  Nothing obscene or pornographic
                     #2  NO SPAM of any kind and no uninvited links to other websites without my permission.  Any uninvited links, or any member circulating SPAM of any kind will be warned and then banned if the activity persists." "We are the world's largest internet related software collection, with more than 4300 titles in over 280 categories available from this site.  Unlike many other download sites, that simply accept software submissions from authors and (automatically) include it into the database - usually without even downloading, or testing the product (sometimes, not even reading the description) - all software at is downloaded, reviewed and rated before it is accepted and listed in our categories. We even go the extra step and create our own screenshots (a capture of the interface) to show you what the application looks like, once installed."

WooDViLe - Web Developer's Virtual Library.  Free tools and tutorials to help you build better web sites.

The Zone If you think this is a lot of links, try this site!  Unreal.  Many different services including chats, freebies etc.

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