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The Alcohol and Temperance History Group "The Alcohol and Temperance History Group is an organization of historians, anthropologists, epidemiologists, sociologists, and other scholars and scientists in North America and abroad who share a common interest in the social history of alcohol.

The organization originated about 1980 as an interest group that met during the annual meeting of the American Historical Association. The group published an informal, mimeographed newsletter. Later, at a conference held at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1984, David Fahey suggested formalizing the group with officers and a treasury. The 1984 conference brought together scholars interested in the history of prohibition and prohibition organizations, scholars interested in understanding patterns of drinking behavior across time and across cultures, and scholars linking public policy with drinking cultures and social and political movements, and the membership of the ATHG expanded."

Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages "The intent of this writing is not to provide the reader with a recipe list, although recipes will be included in the text. What I hope to achieve is to provide a single, comprehensive source of documentation for all phases of the production of alcohol and its use in various drinks which can be used for competitions in the Arts and Sciences, or simply for personal knowledge. This type of information is often more difficult to find in our craft than it might be in many others and I hope that this will become a useful reference for all brewers and vinters."

Alcoholics Anonymous  Alcoholics Anonymous Official Home Page in Spanish, English and French.

All About Beer Magazine The name says it all.

American Bartenders Association "The American Bartenders Association is a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes "The Spirit of Professionalism!" in the bartending industry by providing resources for business, mixology, marketing, job enhancement, personal growth, and education."

Bartenders Unlimited "Cool" Links From mixing guides to breweries and restaurants, a great source.

Beer Info Source This is a service provided to the seekers of fine brews who wish to       locate information on the Net regarding their favorite beverage. The Beer Info Source is currently non-commercial and privately supported.

Captain Morgan Official site of the spiced rum that goes with anything.

Homebrew Heaven"Welcome to Homebrew Heaven's Online Catalog where we provide you with quality beer and
wine making products and fast delivery. Ordering is  SECURE, and your satisfaction backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Don't forget to book mark this site.

We believe we have the finest Homebrew Shop around, with an inventory that impresses everyone.We enjoy homebrewing and wine making ourselves, and help our customers all the time.  Let us help you!"

iDrink "The iDrink database is a quick and easy reference tool for mixing drinks for you and your guests. We have a database of over 6000 mixed drinks and cocktails. We have everything from traditional favourites to the latest trendy concoctions, and we can make you look like an expert in no time. The information on over 6000 drinks has been compiled from recipes submitted by professional and amateur bartenders everywhere."

Pirtle Winery Award winning wines including Mead, or honey-wine, 'nectar of the gods' and oldest alcoholic beverage known to man.

Samuel Adams Official site with information pertaining to this fine family of elixirs as well as the brewing process in general.

The (Un)Official Internet Bartenders' Guide A valuable resource with recipes, tips and information gathered from many sources including visitors.

The WineWeb Showcasing wines and wineries from Around the World

Women's Christian Temperance Union"Protecting the home and upholding family values faithfully for over 120 years."

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