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Banks Online "The most comprehensive directory of banks on the Internet."  American and international.

Center for Debt Management "In establishing The Center for Debt Management™ it was our intention to create a website where individuals from around the globe can freely visit to explore options for debt relief and find answers and professional advice regarding their financial obligations. As you explore our center we believe you'll be amazed with the amount and scope of information and resources available."


CNBC & The Wall Street Journal Business stories, stock quotes etc.

Credit Wizard Free credit reports, legal advice and more.

Debtor Links

Discover Card

Edgar Online"Search the EDGAR Online database for documents and sensitive information that public companies are required to file with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC)."

THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT "To amend the Consumer Credit Protection Act to prohibit abusive practices by debt collectors."

HOT! Coupons! Money saving coupons for many goods and services.  Searchable by address or zip code.

Visa International's PayPal Pay and receive funds online- a free, secured online service.  Commercial accounts also available.

zipcode2business Foreworded by a brief, concise explanation of zip codes, this is an excellent site for finding businesses by a state and then narrowing the search to a zip code to find what types of businesses are in that area.  The user clicks on a category and a business name is displayed witrh mailing address and phone numbers.

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