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Abstract Art "Original Hand Painted Oil Canvas Paintings including Wall Abstract, Fantasy, Pop, Modern, Contemporary, Aboriginal, African, Animal Art and much more."

All Posters "Here You can find and got all posters and art prints."

Art by Cheryl "The goal of this site is to provide a refreshing break from the typical categories and images you see in other collections. All of my art is hand drawn using various media including ink, pencil, markers, chalk, watercolor and acrylics.  Images are scanned and saved as gif files with a transparent background.

Art Museum Network Links to some of the finest museums and their collections.   Worldwide. Source for prints, posters, lithographs and greeting cards.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau "William-Adolphe Bouguereau - The William-Adolphe Bouguereau paintings on this page are available from 1st-Art-Gallery as handmade reproductions on canvas."

Canvas Prints | Wall Art "Canvas prints, wall and high quality photography, all available from Canvas Prints Online... the U'K's most contemporary resource for canvas art and canvas prints."

Canvas this Unfortunately, just shipping to Australia now, but still great services worth checking out.  "Canvas This can transform your photos into unique and beautiful pieces of canvas art. Simply choose your canvas art prints online and we'll deliver to you Australia wide."  They also do wallpaper, stickers and more.

CGFI Carol Gerten's Fine Arts, a virtual museum.

Citysearch "Citysearch is a leading local search service, providing the most up-to-date information on businesses, from restaurants and retail, to travel and professional services. Citysearch empowers users to make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money by delivering more than 500,000 editorial and user reviews of local businesses."

The Endicott Studio of Mythical Arts "The Endicott Studio was founded by Terri Windling as a creative center devoted to modern Mythic Arts: literary, visual, and media art projects rooted in themes from folktales and myths. When first established in 1987, the Studio was based in New York and Boston. In 1991, Terri relocated and the Endicott Studio became transatlantic. Now it is based from spring to autumn on Dartmoor (Devon, England), a green land soaked in old Celtic myth -- and, during the winter months, in the Sonoran desert (Tucson, Arizona), a landscape colored by the living folklore of its Native and Mexican populations. Although originally a "one-woman shop," the Endicott Studio has grown in the last decade and now supports a variety of collaborative projects drawing upon the visions of mythic artists from both sides of the Atlantic."

Federation of Canadian Artists Art education, exhibition, sales etc. from Canada.

Fenway Gallery Located in Lakeside, Michigan USA and on the worldwide web, displays a wide variety of original paintings, photographs and prints.

Gandy Gallery - contemporary realism "We feature museum quality fine art and promote contemporary realist artwork based on the enduring aesthetic principles of the old masters.  We invite you to bookmark this page and join us often as we present the artwork of contemporary masters D. Jeffrey Mims, Allan R. Banks, Richard Lack, Stephen Gjertson, Richard Whitney, Kirk Richards, Paul S. Brown, and others.  Also enjoy master works by William Bouguereau, John Singer Sargent, William Paxton, Joseph DeCamp, Pietro Annigoni, and others."
                                                                                                    — Richard R. Gandy

International Sculpture Center"The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1960. Members include sculptors, collectors, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, museums--anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. The ISC advances the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique and vital contribution to society."

Robert Lorenson, Sculptor "Informative and photographic sculpture site for internationally recognized large scale sculptor Rob Lorenson. He works primarily in stainless steel. He has a extensive resume of exhibitions and commissions throughout North America. He is an assistant professor of Art-Sculpture at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA
     ARTIST STATEMENT: The methodology behind my work is to create a compositionally rich interplay of modernist elements that are exceptionally crafted to remove the hand of the artist. The purpose of this is to further emphasize the compositional qualities of the work. I also intend to make the work look manufactured, as though it was itself an industrial product, like the industrial forms that originally influenced it."

Paul McCartney's (not so) recent exhibition of Paintings World Premier of Paul McCartney's paintings, at the Kunstforum Lÿz, Siegen, May 1st-July 25th, 1999.

McMichael Canadian Art Museum Kleinburg, Ontario is the only museum dedicated exclusively to Canadian Art.

Michael Stoffa GalleryWonderful gallery of paintings by renowned artists Michael Stoffa, Dorothy Ramsey and Mary Douyard.  Too much information for this blurb.  Check out the website.

A Momentary Vignette"An exploration of architecture, design, and art.  There is a different perspective presented almost daily ranging from 'on this day...' events to definitions and concepts. The site also looks at works of design and the history behind them. Features a search engine, greeting cards and more."         Artist’s Statement: by Wayne Miller

-What is ordinary can become extraordinary, and what is extraordinary can become ordinary, our mind is the only vehicle for that transformation. -Wayne Miller-
Photography has always been a passion for me, and I especially enjoy Abstracts with brilliant colors.  I enjoy capturing images of light and color that make one think about one’s own life experiences as they relate to the photograph.  Clowns, nature, old/new buildings, landscapes, and cityscapes add such excitement to the possibilities in my photography.
As we view an image, we classify and form an opinion based on our own experiences.  What one person enjoys another dislikes is the concept behind Art and Photography.
If my work pleases your senses, great, and if it doesn’t, it is eminently possible it may be too profound! Either way an impression is rendered, and that is what art is all about.
In my twenties I enjoyed listing to Bob Dylan because his music has always awakened deep thoughts, and inspirations in me. Think outside the box, and follow your dreams. I find that “outside the box” is the path I like to venture on in photography.  That is why Abstract holds such a fascination in photography for me.  Each person sees something different, and to that I add…
”Enjoy life’s journey and the photo ops along the way”- Wayne Miller

* Museums around the World  If a museum is on the web, it's probably here.  Browse by country.  Very entertaining and educational.

Net Posters "Your source for photographic note cards and fine art photography featuring images of flowers, woodlands, landscapes, boats, and seascapes.
Perfect for gift-giving at wholesale prices."

Nicholas Roerich Museum"Nicholas Roerich Museum is a major center for the exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich, and makes available many reproductions of his art and numerous books about his life and work. The Museum is also a cultural center, presenting a broad program of concerts and poetry readings. A major aim of the Museum's activities is to promote awareness of Roerich's ideas about art and culture, as embodied in the Museum's symbol and its motto, Pax Cultura, Peace Through Culture."

Oil Painting Reproductions"Oil paintings on canvas artwork of over 3,000 artists – including Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Renoir, Monet, and more. All artwork can be optionally framed."

Oil Painting Reproduction Gallery, Art "Oil Painting Reproductions of
Old Masters, Art Reproductions Hand Painted on Canvas""We are located in Xiamen of China,the premier oil painting reproducing center in China. We are one of the earliest leading oil painting service company in the world.All our products are genuine hand-painted oil paintings on canvas.
We offer oil painting reproduction masterpieces of all categories.Our painters are all talented artists with Bachelor degrees, museum quality is guaranteed.We hand paint each oil painting with its special meaning.Oil painting is our soul and life. We offer the lowest prices for our masterpieces oil painting reproduction on the planet.
Our mission is to provide the best value paintings and service for wholesale distributors, hotels, galleries, restaurants, interior designers,furnishers, and consumers as well.
Our promise to you: Good and Stable Quality Reasonable and Competitive Price Considerate and Proactive Service
Once again, we look forward to providing you with our best products and valuable service. we will appreciate the chance to serve you very much.
Our promise to you:
Good and Stable Quality
Reasonable and Competitive Price
Considerate and Proactive Service
Once again, we look forward to providing you with our best products and valuable service. we will appreciate the chance to serve you very much. If you have any test order, we would love to hear from you.
We provide only 100%hand-painted oil paintings on canvas that are rich with texture and full of life and color that only an authentic oil painting can provide.
we have set up sound business cooperation with the clients in Europe,North American,Japan,South and Korea."

Pablo Picasso cubism history"How and why Pablo Picasso created cubism. Comprehensive study of the art of Pablo Picasso.

The Personal NavigatorAmerican historical books, maps and antiques.  Check it out.

Posters A huge selection of great posters from many genres.

Stormi's Touch A site with much diversity and charm and some great digital artwork.

Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov "Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov ((January 19, 1865 - December 5, 1911) was a Russian painter, and one of the premier portrait artists of his era.

Serov was born in St. Petersburg, son of the Russian composer Alexander Serov, and his wife Valentina Bergman, a composer of German-Jewish and English background. In his childhood he studied in Paris and Moscow under Ilya Repin and in the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1880-1885) under Pavel Chistyakov. Serov's early creativity was sparked by the realistic art of Repin and strict pedagogical system of Chistyakov. Further influences on Serov were the old master paintings he viewed in the museums of Russia and Western Europe, friendships with Mikhail Vrubel and (later) Konstantin Korovin, and the creative atmosphere of the Abramtsevo Colony, to which he was closely connected."

Thistle Fine Art Web Gallery American and European Art for collectors and browsers.

The Tralfaz Archives

Thomas Philbrook's Artist Portfolio "MY PURPOSE — In recent years, my chosen medium has been the computer — And most often, in concert with photography. I’ve chosen to work digitally because of the incredible control it bestows upon me. And limitless opportunities. This can be a double-edged sword because with the infinite options it is very easy to become seduced by the technology, employing it for its own sake. As with any artistic medium, it is the obligation of the artist to fully grasp its capabilities, then ..."

Tribal Winds "We carry a full line of  jewelry, music, books, chokers & choker bracelets, drums, and flutes. Also our artists have been working on a full line of Eastern Woodland artifacts. Please look over our catalog and call or email us. If there is a special item you are looking for, please ask us, as we may be able to locate it for you. May the light of the Great Spirit surround and guide you along your chosen path."

Two Micron All Sky Survey at IPAC  "It has been nearly 30 years since the last large-area near-infrared survey of the sky was carried out. The Two Micron Sky Survey (TMSS; Neugebauer & Leighton 1969) scanned 70% of the sky and detected ~5,700 celestial sources of infrared radiation. Since that time there has been a revolution in the development of infrared detector technology. New, large format, sensitive array detectors can now detect astronomical objects over 100 million times fainter than those detected in the TMSS. "  Beautiful astronomical pictures!

US Posters "Your favorite store with quality posters and art prints."

Vicki's CipArt and Animation Storage "I love animations and clip art.  I created this site to store my own collection.  As a member here, you can create your own albums.  Any album you create will be totally under your control.  No one else can edit, delete, or add anything to your own albums.  As manager, I do have control over any of the albums, but will not edit your albums as long as you stay within my own guidelines.  I only have two rules for anyone creating albums in this community and they are:

                     #1  Nothing obscene or pornographic
                     #2  NO SPAM of any kind and no uninvited links to other websites without my permission.  Any uninvited links, or any member circulating SPAM of any kind will be warned and then banned if the activity persists."

World Classic Gallery "Our Gallery is different from other companies, because there are no middlemen between us-the artists and you -the customers. That's a fact that allows us to offer the very high quality at such an acceptable price and also to inform you permanently about the stage of your order.We are experienced in reproducing any style of world art ,which could be well observed in the our quality link . We have graduated from Fine Art Academies, so we are very familiar with the ways and techniques of attaining the originality and authenticity of an oil painting.So, do not bother how,just pick up your picture and within four weeks you will have the same work of art in your home or office.
All our reproductions are handmade with oil on linen canva with no machine intervention or artificial methods. The best oil reproduction has to be exact, detailed and to look authentic, bearing the technique and the brush strokes of the original author, so that the viewers to be absorbed by the painting ."

    The music playing is the "Promenade" from 'Pictures at an Exhibition'  by Modeste Moussorgsky and was downloaded from  The Plasma Symphony Orchestra homepage..

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