The following are in no way associated with the Hoeffmeir Publishing Company, but we hope you might find these sites useful or amusing or both.  Enjoy.


Domino's Pizza worldwide.

Fast Food Facts -more than an exposé, this site allows one to search by various criterion and plan a menu at a convenient restaurant.  "Based on the book Fast Food Facts by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office."

The Hacker's Diet - "Facts and myths about dieting, exercise, and metabolism."

HOT! Coupons! Money saving coupons for many goods and services.  Searchable by address or zip code.

The Internet Pizza Server Home Page e-pizza!  A weird and wonderful site.  Information and humor about pizza.

Papa Gino's pasta, pizza, subs etc.

Papa John's -pizza chain.

Pizza Hut - guess.

Peapod online grocerie shopping. the top web site for ordering takeout and delivery.  Limited but useful, especially if you are travelling.

    The music playing is really "My Sharona" by the Knack, but we were thinking of the Weird Al Yankovic version called "My Balogna".  We changed it a bit, but got it from Weird Al MIDI's.
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