Celtic Heart excellent source for all things celtic (except basketball).

Celtic Heritage The Magazine's online edition.

Federalist Papers, etc. also search by Madison, Jay and Hamilton.  Great source for important U.S. documents: The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Amendments to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Anti Federalist Papers.

Founding Fathers Info

Gaelic Though a translator is no longer available, this is still a very good site about the Gaelic speaking peoples.

GREAT HEROS AND GREAT CHIEFTAINS "Ohiyesa (Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman) was born near Redwood Falls, Minnesota. His father was a full-blooded Sioux, his mother the daughter of an army officer and the grand-daughter of a famous Sioux chief. As a boy Ohiyesa lived still the free nomadic life of the Sioux. He later took up the ways of the white man and went to college. He graduated from Dartmouth College, N.H., in 1887, and studied medicine at Boston University.

Ohiyesa wrote the following biographies from actual interviews with the chieftains themselves, or with those who were eyewitness to the events."

The History Channel online searchable database of the many aspects of history covered by this cable channel.

Information Gateway - All Databases From Emory University comes a wide variety of topics and many great links on many topics.

The Personal Navigator American historical books, maps and antiques.  Check it out.

The Political Graveyard "The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried" Unbelievable database of major and minor politicians categorized by name, religious pursuasion, etc.  An amazing site!

President an excellent source for information about U.S. Presidents, including presidential libraries, inaugural speeches, first ladies, etc.

The Natural History Museum - UK  London, England.

Scientific American  Reproductions of the first issues, originally printed in the 19th century.

Stork's Nest Imports "represents a small group of artisans from the former Czechoslovakia.  All the items we offer are handmade in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.  We have come together in an effort to bring our products to you in the hope that we can preserve some of our countries' proudest and most enduring traditions.
                 This endeavor is our first try to get our crafts to a bigger market.  If you find anything you like we would thank you for your purchase and offer you the reward of being a part of keeping these arts alive.
                 Please take a moment to get to know our products and their histories.  We have our distribution out of Boston and we offer delivery anywhere in the United States. Also - check out the link to the pictures of the Slovak and Czech Republics - they're nice.
                 Also also - visit our friends' sites for more info on the many Czech and Slovak organizations in the states and at home.

Tribal Winds Native American customs and artifacts..

U.S. Historical Documents

www Virtual Library  "for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine".  A great source.  It doesn't have everything, but it's got a lot!

WWWVL The World-Wide Web Virtual Library - History: Central Cataloque "Although the Network will be serving the general public, maintainers should attempt to establish standards of coverage and selectivity that will make their sites effective tools for practicing historians wishing to work on-line. In order to accomplish this, each maintainer should be familiar with the needs of scholars and instructors in the area for which he or she is providing the necessary pointers. It should also be noted in this regard that the work of the members of the History Network will be justified only in the numbers and quality of users accessing it, and that only uniform excellence will gain the Network the reputation necessary to draw such a body of users."

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