1st4Songwriting "THE resource for Songwriting!"

AIA Audio Institute of America offers information and a home course in recording engineering.

Al's Midi File Collection Large selection of some genres such as Jewish music, ragtime and blues, often neglected on other pages.

All Media Guide "AMG (All-Music Guide and All Movie Guide) is an ongoing project to review and rate all music (whether in-print CDs or out-of-print on vinyl) and list (and rate) all feature movies and provide their credits and related information. Our goal is to achieve a consensus by expert music/film free-lance writers as to the best music and movies.

Altan The official web site of this talented Celtic band. is an excellent site to search for books, videos, CDs and other items.

And in the Dark Not sure how to describe this, but it is a good page with music info, software, midi files and graphics.  Artists range from Vivaldi to Pink Floyd to Steven Wright.

Annie's Place Music from the '50's and '60's in WAV files.

Atomic Farmboyz Web Page Hard-driving Indiana (USA) rock band.  An attractive and informative page.

Audioactive MP3 technology available for download.

Audiohighway Books, music and entertainment in MP3 audio format.  Listen now or download.

AudioTechnicasite map for the famed audio manufacturer.

Bagism John Lennon fan site.

Baroque Music useful information regarding this period and its composers.

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles  and did we say, Beatles?  A collection of some great Beatle links.  [You know, Paul McCartney's old band]

Billboard Online The bible of the music industry.

Bing Links A collection of links to some of the best Bing Crosby sites on the web.

BMG Entertainment

Bob Rivers' Twisted Tunes parodies and satires of current and not so current songs and events using familiar tunes. "Boycott-RIAA was founded because we love music. More and more the RIAA and the major labels have attempted to lock up our culture and heritage through extensive lobbying, outrageous campaign donations, misleading our political leaders, and lying to the public, while misrepresenting the facts. Changing copyright law is not a solution for poor management. Copy protected CDs lock up the music forever, even when the work in question returns to public domain. This was not part of the copyright bargain our forefathers struck, nor was it ever intended to provide income for the heirs of the copyright holder. It is our intention to make the public, and our leaders aware of the implications and long term consequences to our culture of bowing to every demand the recording industry presents to our congress. It is our intent to continue to unspin the spin and to represent the consumer and independent artists positions on the battlefield that copyright has become."

Bristol Studios "Are you singing contemporary music but only finding classical and musical theater teachers?  We Understand.  Bristol Voice Studios offers a unique and effective vocal method for all styles of contemporary music not found anywhere else!" Located on both coasts (L.A. & Boston) as well as Worcester, MA, Bristol Studios offers more than just singing lessons.  Services include audio engineer training, recording and artist development.  See their site for much more.

Bullseye Records Independant Canadian label.

Cat Stevens A great site with many links, much information and many audio and video samples.

CD Now "Your music. Your store."  various popular titles. another source for "pop"  CD's.

CD Universe "The Most Music - The Best Prices" various popular titles.

Canadian Music Encyclopedia Jam!  "Written by Toronto based music writer Jaimie Vernon, this database chronicles, by artist,  the history of Canadian contemporary music from the 1950s to the present.
                  Every entry includes an extensive artist and/or band biography as well as a comprehensive discography."

CanEHdian Music "A Celebration of Canada's third official language - Music"

Capitol's Hollywood and Vine. Official site.

Celtic MIDI files Traditional celtic tunes in MIDI format.

Ceolas  The home of celtic music on the internet, since 1994. Ceolas houses the largest online collection of information on celtic music, and has links to hundreds of related sites.

The Chieftains' WWW Site much information on this very versatile and virtuosic traditional Irish band.  Plus links.

Anne Cooke's Home Page "I hope to share my love of the Irish language and the culture, music, poetry and literature of Ireland with each visitor to my page, in both Irish and English."

Columbia House Online Music and video clubs online.

Continental Records, LTD A great source for rare and out-of-print items.

Cyber-CD online record store with 1.2 million titles.  Various genres, rarities etc.

CyberSequencer - Modern Music Production Software - Booom!! "Simply Bonkers! Tested Well - Amazing Branding - . We Got The Industry By The Beats! Easy To Use & Broadcast Quality."

Dave's J.S. Bach Page Information, pictures, MIDI's and more.

David Cooke's corner of the Public Domain Botany, MIDI and more.  "The richness of this world is the common heritage of us all. This web site is offered in the spirit of those gardeners who say 'The surest way to keep a plant is to give it away.'"

Dee Long's Web Page current projects (technological and musicological) of the great guitarist/recording engineer/producer and former member of "The Burgerheads" and "Klaatu".

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine "This site is devoted to vintage music from the early decades of the 20th Century - transcribed into streaming Real Audio from the original 78 rpm discs in my personal collection.  It is my hope that this site will help further the creation of a new generation of enthusiasts for an exciting, vibrant and, sadly, all but forgotten era of American popular culture."

Dorian Recordings Home Page Founded in 1988, Dorian has grown to be one of the world's largest independent record (CD) labels specializing in classical and acoustic traditional music.  "Our single-minded goal from the beginning has been to unite in our recordings the most serious musical values with trail-blazing repertoire and the cutting edge in recorded sound."

Easy Home Recording Blueprint "Folks Are Already Lined Up For This Exciting Product From Award Winning Major Label Recording Artist! His Astonishingly Simple, Step-By-Step Method To Record Hit-Quality Songs At Home! This Is The Real Deal!" An excellent site where classical MP3's can be purchased or free downloads can be sampled.  They describe it like this: " is dedicated to satisfying the listening needs of classical music lovers and bringing the music of world-class musicians to a larger audience. We let our visitors download great classical music in MP3 format. Our goal is to offer you a wide range of classical music at the most competitive prices. You can purchase classical music from our secure online store at any time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and find out more about classical music and its history."

8 Track Heaven cartridges, not open reel.

EMI Canada Official site.

ESD (East Side Digital), Omnium and NorthSide "East Side Digital was one of the first compact disc distributors in the USA in the early 80s. For some reason lost in the shifting sands of time, they began issuing their own CDs. Over the years ESD has expanded into various genres of music, but now concentrates on 'progressive' music, characterized by prodigious musicianship, shifting time signatures, and creative approaches."
              "Omnium is a record label.  You could say that they like "world music that rocks." These artists say it louder and better.  "Sitting at home with my box of Omnium I could do anything, see anything, and know everything with no limit it to my powers save that of my own imagination. Perhaps I could use it to extend my imagination.   I could destroy, alter and improve the universe at will."
                                                                            -- Flann O'Brien."
              "From the Land of the Midnight Sun comes a wave of new music rooted in traditional culture but infused with contemporary perspective. Across Scandinavia a new generation of musicians is discovering their own folk traditions and breathing new life and energy into tunes, dances and instruments handed down for centuries by their forefathers and foremothers.  NorthSide is a new record label dedicated to making this movement available to North American audiences. From Swedish fiddle tunes to Sami jojking, Finnish kantele to the Norwegian Hardanger tradition, young musicians throughout Scandinavia are taking musical traditions which can be traced back to medieval times and are playing and singing them in contemporary folk, rock, jazz and world music contexts. The results are spellbinding and tremendously diverse, making Scandinavia the single hottest region for interesting and exciting world music development."

Folk Era Records An independent label with 70+ albums in print, reissues and new.  Artists such as The Brothers Four, The Clancy Brothers and The Chad Mitchell Trio.

Folk-Legacy Records Inc. The home page of the traditional music label.  A valuable resource.

Folk Lyrics A collection of links.

Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America "Tunes, lyrics, informatin, historical background and tune-related links" a collection of links for vocalists.

Frei Klavierspielen nach Klavierakkorden "Online-Video-Lernkurs zum Erlernen des freien Klavierspiels ohne Noten nach Klavierakkorden. Lieferbar als Download und/oder Dvd"

Garage 'A Records"mail-order records/turntables/carytridges/needles & more"

Gigabeat Search for songs or artists and information or play the radio or purchase CD's.

Gotham Records label of Merril Bainbridge and others.

GWNtertainment "is a Canadian music umbrella of companies who have banded together to form a unique network of information and product from today's cutting edge CanCon music acts, plus comprehensive resource guides and documentation highlighting the careers of hundreds of CanCon acts from the past: The KLAATUniverse -Remember the obscure progressive pop band Klaatu who were briefly mistaken for The Beatles? Here's a site devoted to all things Klaatu containing links to other sites including the Official Klaatu Web site -

Hari-Scruffs A great George Harrison FanPage!

Hari on Tour THE George Harrison e-mail discussion group.

HIS productions and Millenium Records Studio equipment and information.  (member of The Christian Music Ring)

HMV "World's Best Music Store Online"

Island of Freedom search for info oh composers and more.

Jazz HeritageMusic club featuring prominent and obscure performances by jazz artists past and present. Many features and a lot of information on and/or for jazz singers past and present (including a bulletin board and a place to post your own gigs).

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett's own web site.

Jonathan Gurstelle's Midi Page A large and growing collection of high quality MIDI files, organized into three categories: Television, Movie, and Classical.

Jones Telecommunications & Multimediia Encyclopedia

Julian Lennon his own official web site.

Karaoke Information "Many of us like to sing out aloud even if we have a terrible singing voice."  A very useful resource for karaoke.

The Official Klaatu Web Page is, as the name states, the official site for the 1970's+ pop/rock group.  This is the best source for information about the band's past, the former members' current activities and information regarding music in general.

Larry Fast/Synergy Home Page The master of electronic music's own web site.

Make a Marimba "Comprehensive plans to build your own xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones and other commercial quality percussion instruments."

Michael Duus' Home Page some great music from the 1920's &1930's in Real Audio.

MidiCity A categorized collection of links as well as web services provided by MidiCity.

Midifarm another source for MIDIs.  "This site is a non-profit educational resource. The musical resources linked here are for scholastic study. If you use the music resources linked here for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research, such as public performance, it could be considered in excess of  'fair use.'   It is your responsibility to use these resources in accordance with your local copyright laws."

MidiMusic more midis.

Motown official home page of  the breakthrough rhythm and blues label. MP3 archive and information about creating your own.

MTV Online Bands, shows, news, etc. from the television station.

Musical Heritage Society specializing in classical, jazz and country, this is not your standard music club.  They tend to carry more obscure and little known works by well known artists/composers.

Music Disc "cd's...lp' tunes...big band...cassettes...8-tracks.":

Music from Another Room Record Company of Julian Lennon.

Music Graphics Galore

Music! Music? Muse-ic."My blog about music I'm excited about, sometimes of questionable classification and the musings it inspires."

Music-Related Graphics Resources from SKDesigns.

Natalie McDonald's Depth Charge aside from her own work, Marc Bolan, TRex, Richard Boone and The Bongos are featured prominently on this colorful site.

NRS National Recording Supplies Inc.

New World CD's "The most extensive inventory of Canadian music in print on Compact Disc is now available worldwide!"

Ohhla The original rap/hip-hop lyric site.

Pete Lyon "Acoustic Music for the Mind" by a thinking man's composer/musician.  He generally works only with a very talented bassist while he plays six-string acoustic guitar.  A must hear.  Samples on page.

pRIzE IN BOX Official site of the rock band.

R.O.C. Music Linkbase Rock out Censorship music database: "For your music related surfing needs, Rock Out Censorship has put together what we feel to be one of the Internet's most comprehensive collection of music industry resource links (over 18000 links in all)."

Rare Lyrics "...The #1 Song Lyrics Archive"  A valuable resource.

Rick's Music Pages Lyrics, MIDI's, scores and more available on this incredible site.

RiffMaster Pro Slow Down Software Version 3 Bigger Better "Instantly Slow Down Any Guitar solos or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch.  You Can Loop Sections Of A Guitar Solo, vocal song, drum fills or keyboards and Slow It Down."

Rolling Stone.Com  The classic popular culture/music magazine online.

The Rolling Stones The official site.

Sam the Record Man CD's, videos and DVD's.

Searching the Internet for a Certain Midi file

Second Hand Prose is a great source for used and rare books and records,

Second Spin "The world's largest buyer and seller of used CD;s, Movies and DVD's".

The Seldom Scene America's award-winning bluegrass band.

Selected Midi Sites II from "Standard Midi Sights on the net" a superb collection of links.

Shanachie Entertainment "Here you can find information on all of our artists, keep abreast of our new releases, check up on tour dates, or order any of the exciting and diverse albums and videos, spanning the entire musical spectrum: Celtic, World, Jazz, Latin, Ska, Reggae, Blues, Folk, Americana, Rock, Klezmer, Cajun and more listed in our catalog!"

Shanties and Sailor Songs sorted by first line of lyric and by title.

Singers and Singingfrom the Center for Voice Disorders of Wake Forest University comes this collection of links for vocalists.

Society of Singers "The Society of Singers is a nonprofit charity that helps professional vocalists, worldwide, in times of crisis. SOS provides emergency financial aid, case management, counseling and referral services.  Please note that SOS is not a union, talent
agency or employment service."

Song Lyrics; Libretti Links to various lyric sites from many different genres and countries.

Sonicnet Find music, buy music, listen to music, get information...many styles; a great site.

Sony Official site.

Soundcity 2000 Artist index.

Speak Ukulele 2 "Breakthrough Interactive Course!
BeatNik's "Speak Ukulele 2", the ultimate ukulele chord crash course! Learn 168 chords and how to play by ear, create custom lessons and quizzes, practice along with new Auto-Play feature, Plus built-in ukulele tuner and fretboard audio chart!"

Time Warner Official site.

Top 219 MIDI Sites The best MIDI links on the net.

Total Media Inc. has low prices on almost all formats of blank tapes.

Touch of Soul Productions, Boston, Massachusetts-U.S.A. - Thomas Teahan "Touch Of Soul Productions is a vocal (voice lessons)/songwriting instruction/record production co. in the Boston, MA area.  Our vocal teachers do travel."

The Ultimate Band List Information, music news, samples and purchases.  A wide variety of recording artists.

Universal/Polygram Official web site.

Verve Also GRP, Blue Thumb, Impulse and Vintage Vault on this great jazz site.

The Very Best MIDI "This page is a collection of the very best MIDI sequences.  Too many times there are pages with tons of MIDI, but few of them are good compositions. This MIDI page hopes to end all of that. All MIDI sequences are categorized by listening preference."  But the categories are vague and it's not cross-referenced, so some pieces are difficult to find."

The Wanderer is a GREAT site for oldies.  (In RealAudio).

"Weird Al" Yankovic Official site

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    The music playing is the Beatles' "Only a Northern Song" by George Harrison and was downloaded from the Yellow Submarine section of Beatles' MIDI's.