Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce's Rockport Page Massachusetts. U.S.A.  North of Boston lies this beautiful epitome of New England life as seen in the recent Tom Sellek/Ellen Degeneres film, "The Love Letter" which was shot on location here (It's the next town over from Gloucester where much of "The Perfect Storm" was shot).

Ellsworth Romig Neighborhood Association in Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A. Many links on many subjects are available especially those relating to Lafayette and Indiana accessible through the LUEA links.

Hans-Dieter Neuser's Home Page from Berlin, Germany.  The site is in German only right now, but the English is on it's way.  Interesting site with some great links also.

Key to the City information about U.S. cities.

Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Norma and Keld Teléns Home Page Very interesting, informative and most of all entertaining.  Information and samples of some of Keld's original compositions as well as interesting links and music info.  in English and German.

Official City Sites in the U.S. only.

Skydog's Home Page Skydiving Maine-iac on the loose!

Stork's Nest Imports "represents a small group of artisans from the former Czechoslovakia.  All the items we offer are handmade in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.  We have come together in an effort to bring our products to you in the hope that we can preserve some of our countries' proudest and most enduring traditions.
                 This endeavor is our first try to get our crafts to a bigger market.  If you find anything you like we would thank you for your purchase and offer you the reward of being a part of keeping these arts alive.
                 Please take a moment to get to know our products and their histories.  We have our distribution out of Boston and we offer delivery anywhere in the United States. Also - check out the link to the pictures of the Slovak and Czech Republics - they're nice.
                 Also also - visit our friends' sites for more info on the many Czech and Slovak organizations in the states and at home.

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    The music playing is"Far Away Places" and was downloaded from Midi-Go-Round.

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