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Comedy Central The silly online site of the cable network specializing in comedy and the shows it features.

The Comic Zone Many of your favorite comic strips online.

The Dilbert Zone office humour.

Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic web site companion to the book and computer game.

du Jour.com updated daily for something different.

Laughnet The Lighter side of the internet.

PythOnline ...and now for something completely different...

Soundamerica The ultimate collection of sound samples.  Wavs of various categories including movies, television and comedy.  You must see it yourself!

Sounds of Python MP2&3, WAVs and MIDIs of skits and songs from Monty Python.

Stick Death Animated stick figures meet unfortunate circumstances.  Funny, but crude.

Zeet Zeet; an American Poodle in Paris

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        The song playing is The "Liberty Bell March" by John Philip Sousa (it was used for the theme song of "Monty Python's Flying Circus").  The MIDI is from Al's Midi File Collection.